Sliding mode and shaped input vibration control of flexible systems

Qing-lei Hu, Zidong Wang, Huijun Gao
2008 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
In this paper, the vibration reduction problem is investigated for a flexible spacecraft during attitude maneuvering. A new control strategy is proposed, which integrates both the command input shaping and the sliding mode output feedback control (SMOFC) techniques. Specifically, the input shaper is designed for the reference model and implemented outside of the feedback loop in order to achieve the exact elimination of the residual vibration by modifying the existing command. The feedback
more » ... . The feedback controller, on the other hand, is designed based on the SMOFC such that the closed-loop system behaves like the reference model with input shaper, where the residual vibrations are eliminated in the presence of parametric uncertainties and external disturbances. An attractive feature of this SMOFC algorithm is that the parametric uncertainties or external disturbances of the system do not need to satisfy the so-called matching conditions or invariance conditions provided that certain bounds are known. In addition, a smoothed hyperbolic tangent function is introduced to eliminate the chattering phenomenon. Compared with the conventional methods, the proposed scheme guarantees not only the stability of the closed-loop system, but also the good performance as well as the robustness. Simulation results for the spacecraft model show that the precise attitudes control and vibration suppression are successfully achieved.
doi:10.1109/taes.2008.4560203 fatcat:gmrgtr6bhzdi7bncjrnfs6vhny