Motivating Crowds to Do Good: How to Build Crowdsourcing Platforms for Social Innovation

Thomas Kohler, Henry Chesbrough
2020 NIM Marketing Intelligence Review  
Social innovation projects tend to be more complex than commercial crowd projects. Crowds and Social Innovation In commercial settings, crowd sourcing is now a widely accepted innovation tool. Many success stories demonstrate that crowds can spark ideas or solve commercial challenges. But what about the social space? Can crowds be motivated to find novel ideas and solutions for social causes or community-related projects? Governments, non-profits, and companies are challenged by a multitude of
more » ... by a multitude of pressing problems. Why not involve whole communities to develop desperately needed solutions? Social innovation -novel social solutions that provide value to society rather than to individuals or single organizationscould indeed be a relevant approach to the messy, interdependent, and complex issues our society faces. Already, platforms such as OpenIDEO or Neighborland invite anyone in the world to collaboratively solve social issues through crowdsourcing challenges (see Box 1). However, the ent husiasm for crowdsourcing social innovation has so far run ahead of its effects. The issue has not been a lack of promising projects, but one of sustainability and scale. Many platforms are stillborn, and initiatives struggle to turn their promising projects into sustaining platforms. Based on the study of several platforms and our experiences with a community-related crowd project we ourselves launched (see Box 2), we present a step-by-step framework for building crowdsourcing platforms for social innovation.
doi:10.2478/nimmir-2020-0007 fatcat:uuyw7g4ezrcxpcje62inmc6b7i