Optical spin orientation under inter- and intra-subband transitions in QWs

Sergey Tarasenko, Eougenious Ivchenko, Vassilij Belkov, Sergey Ganichev, Dieter Schowalter, Petra Schneider, M. Sollinger, Wilhelm Prettl, V. Ustinov, A. Zhukov, L. Vorobjev
It is shown that absorption of circularly polarized infrared radiation achieved by inter-subband and intra-subband (Drude-like) transitions results in a monopolar spin orientation of free carriers. The monopolar spin polarization in zinc-blende-based quantum wells (QWs) is demonstrated by the observation of the spin-galvanic and circular photogalvanic effects. It is shown that monopolar spin orientation in n-type QWs becomes possible if an admixture of valence band states to the conduction band
more » ... the conduction band wave function and the spin–orbit splitting of the valence band are taken into account.
doi:10.5283/epub.2171 fatcat:f3mgu4azq5ertmttygeyrsbeoy