Design of prefilters for discrete multiwavelet transforms

X.-G. Xia, J.S. Geronimo, D.P. Hardin, B.W. Suter
1996 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  
The pyramid algorithm for computing single wavelet transform coefficients is well known. The pyramid algorithm can be implemented by using tree-structured multirate filter banks. In this paper, we propose a general algorithm to compute multiwavelet transform coeficients by adding proper premultirate filter banks before the vector filter banks that generate multiwavelets. The proposed algorithm can be thought of as a discrete vector-valued wavelet transform for certain discretetime vector-valued
more » ... etime vector-valued signals. The proposed algorithm can be also thought of as a discrete multiwavelet transform for discrete-time signals. We then present some numerical experiments to illustrate the performance of the algorithm, which indicates that the energy compaction for discrete multiwavelet transforms may be better than the one for conventional discrete wavelet transforms.
doi:10.1109/78.482009 fatcat:35u2e2cj65bijo77rhcmzgev5a