Development of Guide Line Position Measurement System using a Camera for RTGC Tracking Control
RTGC 주행제어를 위한 카메라기반 가이드라인 위치계측시스템 개발

Ji-Hyun Jeong, Hideki Kawai, Young-Bok Kim, Ji-Sung Jang, Heon-Meen Bae
2011 Journal of the Korea Society For Power System Engineering  
Key Words:Rubber Tired Gantry Crane(RTGC), High efficient(고효율), Image processing(화상처리), Line position measurement(라인위치계측), Camera-based measurement system(카메라기반계측장치) Abstract:The handling ability of containers at the terminal strongly depends on the performance of the cargo handling system such as RTGC(Rubber Tired Gantry Crane). This paper introduces a new guide line position measurement method using a camera for the RTGC which plays a important role in the harbor area. Because the line
more » ... use the line tracking is the basic technique for control system design of RTGC, it is necessary to develop a useful and reliable measurement system. If the displacement and angle of the RTGC relative to a guide line as trajectory to follow is obtained, the position of RTGC is calculated. Therefore, in this paper, a camera-based measurement system is introduced. The proposed measurement system is robust against light fluctuation and cracks of the guide line. This system consists of a camera and a PC which are installed at the lower side of the RTGC. Two edges of the guide line are detected from an input image taken by the camera, and these positions are determined in a Hough parameter space by using the Hough transformation method. From the experimental results, high accurate standard deviations were found as 0.98 pixel of the displacement and 0.24 degree of the angle, including robustness against lighting fluctuation and cracks of the guide line also. 정지현(교신저자) : 부경대 대학원 제어기계공학과·국립수산 과학원
doi:10.9726/kspse.2011.15.1.072 fatcat:fypix4cslbg5njxm2tfrhtaiku