The Effect of Berchemia berchemiaefolia Extract in a Rat Model Acetic Acid-induced Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gilhyun Lee, Junseon Lee, Miha Joo, Seokcheol Choi, Kyungyae Hyun
2014 International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology  
This study was conducted to reveal medicinal effect of Berchemia berchemiaefolia (BB) extract for induced IBS-rat model. IBS was induced by injecting acetic acid into target of Spraque-Dawley rats' colon. Control group and experimental group were categorized as follows; Group I: control group (n=5), Group II: induced IBS (n=5), Group III: induced IBS+BB LD3 extract oral administration (n=5), Group Ⅳ: induced IBS+BB LD10 extract oral administration (n=5). The measurement of AWR was performed to
more » ... R was performed to determine the presence of disease leading and its alleviation. Also, we analyzed hematological factors, liver functional test, inflammatory factors, stress related factors, western blot and investigated significant differences in the variables among four groups. This research result shows that feeding orally BB extract to induced IBS rat alleviates violent contraction of colon of those rats. treatment is difficult [6] . Available IBS therapies were diet, medication, psychotherapy, stress relief, and probiotics. Of these, commonly used medicines were antidiarrheal and serotonin agonist. Unfortunately serotonin agonists like 5HT3 led to a few side effects [6] . Therefore some research teams try to cure IBS by a new experiment using a medicine prepared from crude drugs. In our research IBS was induced by injecting acetic acid into target of Spraque-Dawley rats' colon. On the assumption that Persistent stimulation can confuse brain-gut axis, and we injected acetic acid into the colon of SD rat for four weeks [7] . Berchemia berchemiaefolia (BB) is Korea's natural monument. Traditionally Berchemia berchemiaefolia has been used for food additives for hundreds of years. In Korea' traditional remedy BB is believed to have anti-inflammatory effect. This plant was one of our novel natural drug candidates. Our ongoing study using Berchemia berchemiaefolia showed antiinflammatory effect for rheumarthritis. To find out effects of Berchemia berchemiaefolia we carried out behavior test, electric physiologic test, hematologic test, biochemical test, hormone test, inflammatory test, and western blot. Until now, there were few safe, effective, natural extract for IBS treatment. We believe that the result of the study will be helpful basic data to later research.
doi:10.14257/ijbsbt.2014.6.5.08 fatcat:rludaemconbalpd55rwkqzcmym