Humanity "Sunflawered" in Finnegans wake: nature, existential shame and transcendence

Leide Daiane de Almeida Oliveira
2018 Travessias  
It is presented here the translation of the article "'Sunflawered' Humanity in Finnegans Wake: Nature, Existential Shame and Transcendence", by the American critic James Fairhall. The article is part of the collection entitled Eco-Joyce: The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce, edited by Robert Brazeau and Derek Gladwin, published in 2014. The issue is an important contribution to Joyce's studies, especially because it highlights the ecological awareness that can be perceived in the
more » ... of James Joyce. The purpose of this article's translation into Brazilian Portuguese was to bring some aspects of the recent debates about Joyce's work from the perspective of ecocriticism. Starting from Joyce's last novel, Fairhall discusses about humanity in its transcendent dimension and, at the same time, bound to the shame provoked by the needs of the body.
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