Mobile Code Security in Contemporary Information Systems-Past, Present and Trends

Denis Trček, Marko Bajec
Despite the fact that mobile code security issues appeared some ten years ago, they remain important also in the era of service oriented architectures and cloud computing. Mobile code security certainly has some specifics, because it presents an opposite paradigm from the traditional one. In the traditional setting a host (i.e., local operating system, local environment) has to be protected against the code, while with the mobile code security this very code (more precisely, the program code
more » ... the program code and data) has to be protected against malicious host. And significant breakthrough is still to be seen in this area. Therefore this paper provides an analysis of the main problems related to mobile code security, and gives an outlook by identifying focuses of future research. It also provides a new paradigm called non-deterministic security services to address mobile code security issues. Clearly, even with the latest advancements in communications systems, the importance of secure mobile code remains one of the most challenging issues in information systems, and critical infrastructures.