Some problems of static deformation of the earth

Masanori SAITO
1974 Journal of Physics of the Earth  
The static deformation of gravitating elastic earth model is studied in some detail. It is found that the problem becomes well posed if we discard the stress-strain relation in the liquid core. A convenient formulation, in which derivative of density does not appear, is proposed in the liquid core by introducing a new variable. Static solutions obtained by the present theory are compared with dynamic solutions in which the liquid core causes no trouble. The differences between them are within
more » ... n them are within 0.2%. The elastic deformation due to earth's rotation and the deformation of degree 1 modes induced by surface loads are also computed.
doi:10.4294/jpe1952.22.123 fatcat:sdgz4lqkjratnkhqj36hbv72re