Studies on the Complexation of Succinic Hydrazide with Copper Chloride Salt

Shereen E. Salem, Esam A. Gomaa, Mohamed M. El-Defrawy, Noha M. Ebrahem
2021 European Journal of Advanced Chemistry Research  
The electrochemical behavior of the complexation between copper chloride salt and succinic hydrazide can be explained using cyclic voltammetric measurements. The complex is formed through the interaction with nitrogen and hydroxyl group or carbonyl group of succinic hydrazides. This interaction can be observed by decreasing in the height peak of current and measuring the (anodic/cathodic) shift of the potentials. All the solvation and thermodynamic parameters for the interaction of copper ions
more » ... ith succinic hydrazide as stability constant, Gibbs free energies, enthalpies and entropies of interaction were calculated. Finally, the activity of the formed complex was compared with the succinic hydrazide by comparing their effects on different types of gram-negative bacteria and fungi indicating high activity of the formed complex and its ability to be used in different medical applications.
doi:10.24018/ejchem.2021.2.1.40 fatcat:2ha7rabwove7xj2qudzg2kglrq