Relativistic instant-form approach to the structure of two-body composite systems

A. F. Krutov, V. E. Troitsky
2002 Physical Review C  
A new approach to the electroweak properties of two-particle composite systems is developed. The approach is based on the use of the instant form of relativistic Hamiltonian dynamics. The main novel feature of this approach is the new method of construction of the matrix element of the electroweak current operator. The electroweak current matrix element satisfies the relativistic covariance conditions and in the case of the electromagnetic current also the conservation law automatically. The
more » ... tomatically. The properties of the system as well as the approximations are formulated in terms of form factors. The approach makes it possible to formulate relativistic impulse approximation in such a way that the Lorentz-covariance of the current is ensured. In the electromagnetic case the current conservation law is ensured, too. The results of the calculations are unambiguous: they do not depend on the choice of the coordinate frame and on the choice of "good" components of the current as it takes place in the standard form of light--front dynamics. Our approach gives good results for the pion electromagnetic form factor in the whole range of momentum transfers available for experiments at present time, as well as for lepton decay constant of pion.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.65.045501 fatcat:z24c5n5ktjd23cti2z36wfwsdm