The Cultural and Marital Issues in 2 States : The Story of my Marriage

Sachinkumar Pandya
[(3) 7: 911-915] © 2017 IJSRST | Volume 3 | Issue 7 | Print ABSTRACT Chetan Bhagat has changed the taste of book lovers through his novels. He has discovered almost all aspects relating to the youth showing from romance , adventure, ,social issue, education system and nature of work done in multinational companies. In the novel 2 states he has raised a single but the most affective issue that is intercaste marriage. Through this one can get easily an idea that modern generation is ready to
more » ... t the changes but because of generation gap, the youth has to suffer the most. The story revolves around two characters Krish and Ananya. Since both of them belong to cultural boundaries, so the whole novel is woven in the textile of cultural extremities and what follows in a continuum throughout the novel unless it culminates in their happy marriage and cultural digestion, is full of tensions. The title of the novel is suggestive of the peculiar ethnic uniqueness of North and South Indian culture.