Long-range plasmon-assisted energy transfer over doped graphene

Kirill A. Velizhanin, Tigran V. Shahbazyan
2012 Physical Review B  
We demonstrate that longitudinal plasmons in doped monolayer graphene can mediate highly efficient long-range energy transfer between nearby fluorophores, e.g., semiconductor quantum dots. We derive a simple analytical expression for the energy transfer efficiency that incorporates all the essential processes involved. We perform numerical calculations of the transfer efficiency for a pair of PbSe quantum dots near graphene for inter-fluorophore distances of up to 1 μm and find that the
more » ... assisted long-range energy transfer can be enhanced by up to a factor of ∼10^4 relative to the Förster's transfer in vacuum.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.86.245432 fatcat:7xp2xj3bgrb53aw4a4gzienr34