Primary anterior urethral diverticulum

M Sailukar, K Parikh, V Phadke, N Chakrabarti
2007 Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons  
Congenital diverticulum of the anterior urethra in male is uncommon and typically occurs at the penoscrotal junction. This is a report of a large primary diverticulum in the anterior urethra in a 4-year-old male child who was successfully treated with diverticulectomy and urethroplasty. KEY WORDS: Anterior urethral valves, obstruction of lower urinary tract, urethral diverticulum, urethroplasty testicles and spermatic cords were normal. On abdominal examination, bladder was distended and
more » ... istended and palpable. Bladder neck and posterior urethra are the traditional sites for the obstructive pathology of the lower urinary Urine routine and microscopic examination showed 30 tract in children. Valves and diverticula of the anterior 35 pus cells while culture showed growth of Escherichia urethra are rare causes of obstructions to the urinary tract coli sensitive to amikacin and ceftazidime. Renal function and the terms have been intermittently used tests were normal. Ultrasonography revealed a cystic synonymously in literature. The largest series reported swelling on the ventral aspect of penis with a radio-opaque in literature is of 260 cases of anterior urethral valves density within. Upper tracts were normal, bladder was and diverticula reviewed over 20 years. [1] The obstruction distended, and significant post void residual urine was by anterior urethral diverticulum is first described by present. An MCU was attempted but the patient did not 1906 by Watts. [2] We feel that there is a need to differentiate cooperate. Retrograde urethrogram was done under the pure (primary) diverticulum whose distal lip may antibiotic cover that showed a contrast filled oval cause an obstruction to the urinary stream from the outpouching of the ventral aspect of the anterior urethra diverticulum which is secondarily formed due to anterior [ Figure 2 ]. The rest of the urethra and bladder was urethral valves as treatment differs for both conditions. normal. IVU showed a bifid left kidney without dilatation of the upper system.
doi:10.4103/0971-9261.31093 fatcat:jrukq5axsja2bpfhymbcwpv6vm