Evaluation of thermal conductivity of ablative material

N Sundaresan, A Ambirajan, A Ramasamy, P Gupta, D Bhandari
2006 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics   unpublished
Ablatives are very often used in the Thermal Protection System of re-entry spacecraft. Their thermal conductivity will play an important role in determining the temperatures of components and payloads during the on-orbit and re-entry phases on the mission. A series of calorimetric tests were conducted on these materials to ascertain their thermal conductivity. A description of the experiments and the results of analyses of the experimental temperature data from the ablatives are presented in
more » ... are presented in this paper. Three-dimensional mathematical model of the experiment was developed and analysed. The thermal conductivity of two ablative samples is determined by manually minimising the root sum of squares error (RSSE) between experimental and numerical data. The results obtained using this technique are compared with the results of a one-dimensional analysis.