Radiative Corrections to the Polarizability of Helium

Grzegorz Łach, Bogumił Jeziorski, Krzysztof Szalewicz
2004 Physical Review Letters  
The complete 3 QED correction to the helium atom polarizability is computed assuming an infinite nuclear mass and found to be equal to 0.000 030 666(3) a.u., with the contribution from the electric-field dependence of the Bethe logarithm amounting to 0.000 000 193(2) a.u. After including the 2 and 3 corrections for the nuclear recoil and the leading part of the 4 QED correction, we find that the molar polarizability of 4 He is 0:517 254 1994 cm 3 =mol. The first of the two error bounds is
more » ... ted by the uncertainty of 4 and higher-order QED corrections and the second reflects the uncertainty of the Avogadro constant.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.92.233001 pmid:15245154 fatcat:vmb4uh5dczcm7eso32qegmvnjy