Generation of the Stream of Consciousness by Neuronal Synaptic Interaction [post]

Andrew Duggins
2020 unpublished
In previous work, a quantum mathematical formalism associated an element of experience with a single sensory neuron, as a local reduction of a global mental state. In contrast to the binary objective states of neuronal polarisation/depolarisation, neuronal experience was modeled as a continuous variable, the instantaneous value of which could only be estimated statistically from an ensemble of evoked responses to stereotyped stimulus presentation. In the present work, the quantum operations
more » ... alism of energy dissipation through amplitude damping is adopted to explain how smooth evolution of conscious experience might arise from discrete spikes and discontinuous synaptic transmission between neurons.
doi:10.20944/preprints202001.0345.v1 fatcat:h2zjj4sdvbfy3afm7x6qaukb2m