An Engraved Bulbous-Necked Caddo Bottle from 41OR33 at the mouth of the Sabine River, Orange County, Texas

Timothy Perttula
2019 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
41OR33 is a large prehistoric shell midden deposit in Orange County, Texas, about 8.5 miles southwest of the city of Orange, at the mouth of the Sabine River and just north of Sabine Lake in Southeast Texas. Before the site was destroyed for road fill in October 1956, limited archaeological investigations had been done there by avocational archaeologists and then by E. Mott Davis of The University of Texas at Austin. During that work, a number of Native American burials were exposed and
more » ... exposed and excavated, including one burial with an engraved bulbous-necked ancestral Caddo ceramic bottle. The bottle was donated by Edgar W. Brown, Jr. to UT in October 1956. I recently documented this vessel, which is a far-flung companion to bulbous-necked and spool-necked Caddo bottles from post-A.D. 1600 sites in the Red River and Ouachita River basins in East Texas and Southwest Arkansas as well as several post-A.D. 1600 sites in East Texas such as the Taylor site (41HS3) in the Big Cypress Creek basin.
doi:10.21112/ita.2019.1.33 fatcat:aomzwsyfzfbsviu6wvaluy3u3a