Entrincheiramento gerencial e criação de valor nas cooperativas de crédito brasileiras [thesis]

Bruno José Canassa
CANASSA, B. J. Managerial entrenchment and value creation in Brazilian credit unions. 2018. 52 p. Dissertação The managerial entrenchment is characterized by the reduction of the ownership rights in any organization, which have their managers strengthened and protected. Although prior research points out the entrenchment as a reducer of value in investor-oriented firms, credit unions theoretically have characteristics that make divergent the possible effects of managerial entrenchment on the
more » ... renchment on the value creation, by potentiating agency problems or leading to stewardship relationships. However, there is little knowledge about this relationship in cooperatives, without any empirical research on this association. Therefore, this work investigated the managerial entrenchment in Brazilian credit unions and their association with value creation. Using data found in the credit unions' bylaws in force in 2016, an entrenchment index based on provisions of duality, possibility of prolonged tenure, board members' exchanges and limits against rival applications was developed, with the association with value tested by ordinary and two-stage least squares techniques. The estimation showed a negative association between the entrenchment index and the value creation, highlighted by the use of two-stage least squares, which persisted in analyzes involving specific samples of credit unions with the exception of the sample composed by free entry credit unions. The results align the case of credit unions with that of investor-oriented firms, which may imply a similarity between these organizational forms, although they are theoretically presented as distinct.
doi:10.11606/d.96.2019.tde-27112018-144552 fatcat:7tdr5o2tsfeovk246ugsyrz6eu