Selective alkylation of m-cresol with isopropyl alcohol under solvent-free conditions

Florina Teodorescu, Adrian Enache, Madalina Sandulescu
2017 ARKIVOC  
The outcome of the solvent free alkylation of m-cresol with isopropyl alcohol over strong acid resin catalyst has been investigated under microwave irradiation as well as conventional heating. The various reaction parameters like catalyst amount, mole ratio of reactants, temperature and reaction time were found to be the main factors controlling the reactivity and selectivity. Also, the chemoselectivity O-versus C-alkylation can be fine-tuned by choosing the appropriate reaction conditions.
doi:10.24820/ark.5550190.p009.943 fatcat:5r7xxdsqnvfk5heh42jqfmxce4