Superlattice formation of faceted PbS quantum dots with three-dimensionally aligned crystal orientation

Kohki Mukai, Satoshi Fujimoto, Fumimasa Suetsugu
2018 Applied Physics Express  
We report the successful fabrication of a superlattice film composed of PbS colloidal quantum dots (QDs) with a three-dimensionally coincident crystal orientation. Faceted QDs with a truncated octahedral shape were prepared and deposited in a solvent on a pyramidal microhole array prepared on a Si (100) substrate. During the deposition, facets of neighboring QDs came into contact with each other in the aligned microholes. The three-dimensional crystal orientation alignment was confirmed by
more » ... s confirmed by X-ray pole figure mapping. Such QD superlattice film with aligned crystal orientation can contribute to the realization of high-energy conversion efficiency of semiconductor solar cells.
doi:10.7567/apex.11.085601 fatcat:4fzvsp62gvef7nmmcpjeekb7bi