Optimization of Mass Concrete Construction Using a Twofold Parallel Genetic Algorithm

Mariane Rita, Eduardo Fairbairn, Fernando Ribeiro, Henrique Andrade, Helio Barbosa
2018 Applied Sciences  
This paper presents a solution strategy, based on a parallel Genetic Algorithm (GA), to optimize the construction of massive concrete structures. The optimization process aims at minimizing the construction cost, considering the following design variables: the concrete mixes, the placing temperature, the height of the lifts, and the time intervals between placing the lifts. The cracking tendency is taken into account by a penalty scheme imposed to the fitness function of the GA. A
more » ... echanical model is used to calculate the transient fields of hydration, temperature, stress, strain, and cracking tendency. This model is implemented in a finite element code that is, in turn, parallelized. To demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed methodology, the simulation of the construction of a structure similar to the real thick foundation of an industrial building is presented. It shows that the optimization procedure here presented is feasible and is ready to be used in real engineering applications.
doi:10.3390/app8030399 fatcat:oqzk2llgwjaxfomlwcahs5buju