Synthesis of dimethacryloxy ethyl-1,1,6,6-tetrahydro-perfluorohexamethylene-1,6-dicarbamate as dental base monomers and the mechanical properties ofthe copolymers of the monomer and methyl methacrylate

Shigeaki KURATA, Noboru YAMAZAKI
2011 Dental materials journal  
To recognize good mechanical properties and water-resistance of a dental resin, dimethacryloxyethyl-1,1,6,6-tetrahydro-perfluorohexamethylene-1,6-dicarbamate (FDMHD) was newly synthesized. FDMHD initially was a white powder with m.p. 98.5−99.5°C. The copolymers of FDMHD and methyl methacrylate (MMA), FDMHD/MMA copolymers, were prepared to estimate the basic properties for dental resin materials. The compressive strength of FDMHD/MMA copolymers was almost the same compared with those of the
more » ... h those of the copolymers of Bis-GMA or dimethacryloxyethyl-hexamethylene-1,6-carbamate (DMHD) and MMA. The bending, tensile, diametral tensile, impact strength and toughness of FDMHD/MMA copolymers containing 10.4 mol% FDMHD were higher than those of Bis-GMA/MMA copolymer, and the water sorption of FDMHD/MMA copolymers was lower than those of DMHD/MMA copolymers.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2010-126 fatcat:twvxy6meuzafdl2bjn6xkwhloa