Three-level Hermeneutics by Theodor Stylianopoulos

2018 Theological Reflections Euro-Asian Journal of Theology  
Богословские размышления №21, 2018 / спецвыпуск 158 The abstract: The paper is devoted to a thorough analysis of the teachings of the Orthodox theologian Theodor Stylianopoulos about the knowledge of God through the Holy Scripture. This methodology of knowledge of God is called "transformational hermeneutics". Father Theodore distinguishes three levels of analysis of Scripture: exegesis, interpretation, transformation. Exegetical level allows to understand what is written in the text,
more » ... the text, interpretative -to form theoretical knowledge about God. To gain knowledge of God through Scripture, a "transformational level of hermeneutics" is necessary. It does not mean understanding the words of Scripture, but the implementation of all his teachings.
doi:10.29357/2521-179x.2018.21.11 fatcat:7oe4hco3kvdwdjyqwar7gd575y