Research and Development of Palmprint Authentication System Based on Android Smartphones

Xinman Zhang, Kunlei Jing, Guokun Song, Peter Brida
2020 Mobile Information Systems  
The security problems of online transactions by smartphones reveal extreme demand for reliable identity authentication systems. With a lower risk of forgery, richer texture, and more comfortable acquisition mode, compared with face, fingerprint, and iris, palmprint is rarely adopted for identity authentication. In this paper, we develop an effective and full-function palmprint authentication system regarding the application on an Android smartphone, which bridges the algorithmic study and
more » ... mic study and application of palmprint authentication. In more detail, an overall system framework is designed with complete functions, including palmprint acquisition, key points location, ROI segmentation, feature extraction, and feature coding. Basically, we develop a palmprint authentication system having user-friendly interfaces and good compatibility with the Android smartphone. Particularly, on the one hand, to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, we exploit the practical Log-Gabor filter for feature extraction and discuss the impact of filtering direction, downsampling ratio, and discriminative feature coding to propose an improved algorithm. On the other hand, after exploring the hardware components of the smartphone and the technical development of the Android system, we provide an open technology to extend the biometric methods to real-world applications. On the public PolyU databases, simulation results suggest that the improved algorithm outperforms the original one with a promising accuracy of 100% and a good speed of 0.041 seconds. In real-world authentication, the developed system achieves an accuracy of 98.40% and a speed of 0.051 seconds. All the results verify the accuracy and timeliness of the developed system.
doi:10.1155/2020/8846192 fatcat:rg2sw6clhbbdzhjiof5dsg64bu