Real-time Subsurface Scattering for Particle-based fluids using Finite Volume Method

Kyung-Kyu Kang, Dongho Kim
2013 Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences  
We present a real-time subsurface scattering simulation to perform real-time rendering of translucent particle-based fluids. After particle-based fluid simulation, we immediately build voxelized fluids, called Voronoi fluids, with particle locations and neighbour lists using GPUs. And then, we perform a multiple subsurface scattering simulation over the Voronoi fluids with the diffusion equation (DE). We employ Finite Volume Methods to solve DE efficiently and rapidly with the voxelized fluids.
more » ... In our implementation, DE is solved on GPUs with the diffusive source boundary condition and query function for computing the outgoing radiance. We demonstrate a milk demo that show our method can be performed in real-time with CUDA-based fluid simulation.
doi:10.12785/amis/070429 fatcat:5gioweblqfh27batfotftw26si