Evaluation of Reliable Multicast Implementations with Proposed Adaptation for Delivery of Big Data in Wide Area Networks

Aleksandr Bakharev, Eduard Siemens
This paper describes the state of contemporary open source reliable multicast solutions and reveals deficiencies regarding their use for massive data transport in Content Delivery Networks (CDN). A performance evaluation of the three most popular open-source implementations-UDP-based File Transport Protocol, NACK-oriented Reliable Multicast and Pragmatic General Multicast in multi-gigabit IP-based networks was performed in the 10Gigabit-WAN laboratory of the Communications Group of Anhalt
more » ... oup of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. This evaluation was completed under the real-world scenario of heavyweight content distribution in Wide Area Networks. The performance evaluation presented in this paper reveals bottlenecks and deficiencies in current approaches and the paper proposes ideas for improvements and further development of the reliable multicast data delivery family. The defined test scenario was limited to three recipients for the following two reasons: Big data distribution does not imply a large number of recipients, and the goal of this work was to determine upper performance bounds even in a quite simple scenario as a starting point for further investigations. This investigation identified three main challenges: congestion control, losses recovery management and send/receive buffer management. The investigations presented have been performed in the course of a research project in which reliable point-to-multipoint IP-based data transport solution will be proposed. The goal is to achieve data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s per stream with up to ten simultaneous streams from one content server, even in presence of high RTT delays and packet losses in the network.