Les Ethers Cellulosiques. Pt. L: Les ethers Mineraue de la Cellulose. Pol. L: La nitro cellulose ct le celluoid. By Andre Duboso. Pp. 334. (Paris: A. D. Cillard. 1920.) Price 45 francs

F. Sproxton
1921 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
REVIEW. B Tho cxport of bricks, nrtificinl cement, rnw bones, nnd fcrtilisors (except suporphosplintcs) is subject to liccnco, but fcrtiliscrs, cxccpt potnsh snlts, inny Iic csportcd mithorit liceuco ns froni Juno 1. Bulgarin.--lCsport dutics Iinrc bccn roduccd 011 ccrtnin skins and edible fnts. lf7cdcratcd ilfolau Sfutes.-l'lic csport of china clay, fclspnr, nnd cliinn stono is prohibited n s froni Jminnry 7. Fiji.-Ttic coniplcto t e s t of tho rcriscd custoni'i tnrifF schcdulcs inny bo sccn a
more » ... ulcs inny bo sccn a t tho I)cpnrtincnt, IS Qucon Annc's Gate, London, S.W. 1. h p o r t n t i o n of gold nnd silver coin rind ~i u~~i o n , rico, and raw sugnr is proliibitcd ns from Dcccinbcr 16, 1920. l k m c c and Algeriu.-Tho esporl duty on oilcnkc Iin;,bccn rnotlificd. 1110 rcstrictions on tho iniport of ccllulosc pulp nnd of pnpcr in rolls linvo bcen witltdmmii, Greece.-Tho restrictioris on tho import of calciuni cnrbido hnvo bccn rcniovcd. Grciintln.-;tdditioiinl osport tnses linro bccn loricd on cocon, cottonsccd, nutincgs, and nincc. IfaZy.--Esport liccnces arc 110 longcr rcqiiircd for ninngnncsc oro, ~nngncsitc bricks, ricwsprint p:ipcr, quiniiic snlts, coppcr sulplintc, nnd zinc wnstc. Load and zinc ores aro ngnin subject to export liccnco. Jfdta.-Tlic ~netric systcin of weights and mcnsures will Lo used in lcrying C I I R~O I I I S duty ns froiii July 1. Articlcs nfrccted includu nlcohol, nlcoliolic bcvorngcs, ~nnlt, ccliblc oils, pctroleu~~i, sncclinrin, sugnr, spirit rnrnisli, a i d rincgnr. i\furtinique.-'l'lro esport duty on sugar hl\s Ice11 increnscd to 21 fr. pcr 100 kg. Nct/rcrla,iclu.--Tlio proliibitioii on tlic csport of pliosphntic fertiliscrs, glnss powtlcr, \rood, zinc orc, an11 zinc osido liar, bccn witlitlrnwn. Tho csport of 2 . 1 0 ,~ metric tons of sugar-beet will IIC perniittecl, nltlioiigli tho csport prohibition reninins in forco. Import d i i t i o~ Iiavo bccii incrcnscd 011 clilornl hydrnte, sulphiiric :ind acotic cthcr, c o l l~i o n , chIoroforin, spirit of nitrous cthcr, and similar substniiccs prcpnrcd froni or with alcoliol.
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