Wave modes of collective vortex gyration in dipolar-coupled-dot-array magnonic crystals [article]

Dong-Soo Han, Andreas Vogel, Hyunsung Jung, Ki-Suk Lee, Markus Weigand, Hermann Stoll, Gisela Schütz, Peter Fischer, Guido Meier and Sang-Koog Kim
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Lattice vibration modes are collective excitations in periodic arrays of atoms or molecules. These modes determine novel transport properties in solid crystals. Analogously, in periodical arrangements of magnetic vortex-state disks, collective vortex motions have been predicted. Here, we experimentally observe wave modes of collective vortex gyration in one-dimensional (1D) chains of periodic disks using time-resolved scanning transmission x-ray microscopy. The observed modes are interpreted
more » ... ed on micromagnetic simulation and numerical calculation of coupled Thiele equations. Dispersion of the modes is found to be strongly affected by both vortex polarization and chirality ordering, as revealed by the explicit analytical form of 1D infinite chains. A thorough understanding thereof is fundamental both for lattice vibrations and vortex dynamics, which we demonstrate for 1D magnonic crystals. Such magnetic disk arrays with vortex-state ordering, referred to as magnetic metastructure, offer potential implementation into information processing devices.
arXiv:1303.4170v1 fatcat:ahikbebfkjf3vgzy3zlvmmozua