Reward Omissions Variably Augment Racial Bias along Political Ideology [post]

Micah Amd
2020 unpublished
Humans tend to become angry whenever a reward they were expecting is 'unfairly' taken away. We presently tested whether situational anger induced by unfair reward omissions may influence (pre-existing) racial biases across self-identified Liberals (n = 119) and Conservatives (n = 115). In the study, participants were exposed to a frustration induction task (or a control variant), followed by implicit and explicit evaluations of White and Black male targets. Frustrated Conservatives were more
more » ... ely to exhibit implicit anti-Black bias relative to non-frustrated Conservatives, but not significantly so (p's > .2). Frustrated Liberals became significantly anti-White relative to both non-frustrated Liberals and Frustrated Conservatives (p's < .006). Both Liberals and Conservatives became equally angered following reward omissions, but only the former became significantly anti-White. The present work highlights Liberals are more likely to exhibit frustration-augmented racial bias relative to Conservatives.
doi:10.20944/preprints202010.0218.v1 fatcat:6kdq6uvjezh2libxl3fyctuku4