An approach to the interpretation on intensional contexts

Е.Д. Смирнова
2013 Logical Investigations  
The paper introduces a non-standard analysis of intensional contexts on the ground of generalized approach to semantics construction. The principles of building such kind semantics are consider. As far as I can see it is an idea on domains and anti-domains that lays in the ground a semantics of intensional contexts. Intensional contexts differ from extensional by ascription of specific values to intensional predicates (operators) and, what is more important, by a way of their combination with
more » ... guments. Thus constructing operations play the leading role in proposed analysis. The peculiarities of IPL: any expression including intensional predicates and operators has an intension as well as an extension.
doi:10.21146/2074-1472-2013-19-0-238-245 fatcat:uuray6qacjb3jixnmosd5bmxfu