Painting Education & Artistic Evolution

Emre Tandirli
2012 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Art is the most effective way of expressing human emotions. It should also be an excellent application of traditional or technological tools. In our presentation-research we will be focusing on painting, painting education and advanced artistic evolution process in terms of traditional application domains. An immortal painting-masterpiece should be the competent example of an excellent composition and also a perfect example of application. Preparation of painting tubes, choice of perti nent and
more » ... correct brushes, preparations of palette etc. are all the basic stuffs which provides to create an accomplished painting. An intensive professional experience of painting materials should unfortunately provides a certain maturity. But in art schools or academies during and after the basic art education, an intensive basic painting education is inevitably required in order to provide solid art styles in next academic and professional periods. The purpose of our research is to clarify some educational method s of applications crafts in painting. The first important process is the circumstantiation of all materials and tools and their pertinent uses. After preparing the application stuff and choosing correct materials, the students will be processing on painting appli cation. As a result by the correct methods which require dedicated preparation of palette and all stuffs would supply a very enjoyabl e working time and also it provides a dominant property in order to create artistic expressions. This essential working discipline acquired by the academic painting education prevents also the lost of time and motivation which could easily indispose us from -educational sub construction?
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2012.06.283 fatcat:mmqk2ogv7jgpdhocrwolroib24