Video person reidentification based on neural ordinary differential equations and graph convolution network

Li-qiang Zhang, Long-yang Huang, Xiao-li Duan
2021 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
AbstractPerson reidentification rate has become a challenging research topic in the field of computer vision due to the fact that person appearance is easily affected by lighting, posture and perspective. In order to make full use of the continuity of video data on the time line and the unstructured relationship of features, a video person reidentification algorithm combining the neural ordinary differential equation with the graph convolution network is proposed in this paper. First, a
more » ... us time model is constructed by using the ordinary differential equation (ODE) network so as to capture hidden information between video frames. By simulating the hidden space of the hidden variables with the hidden time series model, the hidden information between frames that may be ignored in the discrete model can be obtained. Then, the features of the generated video frames are given to the graph convolution network to reconstruct them. Finally, weak supervision is used to classify the features. Experiments on PRID2011 datasets show that the proposed algorithm can significantly improve person reidentification performance.
doi:10.1186/s13634-021-00747-1 fatcat:vxl3awf5yjgbni6nzbbum3wm6i