Effect of Charpy Impact Test on Microstructure Properties of AISI4140 Steel

Djamel Chaouch, Ahmed Sadok, Seif-Eddine Bendaoudi, Abdallah Chaouch
2020 Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering  
AbstractIn this paper, the mechanical properties and microstructures of AISI4140 low alloy steel under different tempering conditions are investigated. The samples are quenched, tempered to a martensite structure and loaded to fracture by means of Charpy machine according to standard test. Fractography analysis showed that the morphology fracture surface was changed by increasing tempering temperature. The variation of energy of Charpy impact fracture as a function of tempering temperature
more » ... ng temperature exhibits minimum values at 300 °C, which suggests the occurrence of temper embrittlement.
doi:10.2478/mme-2018-0114 fatcat:paf3sumzlbebpoccn3xfmm2jam