Comparative Reproduction Aspects of the Deep-water ShrimpsAristaeomorpha foliaceaandAristeus antennatus(Decapoda, Aristeidae) in the Greek Ionian Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)

K. Kapiris, M. Thessalou-Legaki
2009 International Journal of Zoology  
In the eastern Ionian Sea, the deep-water shrimpsAristaeomorpha foliaceaandAristeus antennatusconstitute a virgin fishing resource, since their maximum abundance depth exceeds commercial exploitation depths. The two sympatric species share a number of common reproductive features, such as summer reproduction. A slight temporal shift in mating activity, ovarian maturation, and spawning period was observed between species. The most notable difference was the more pronounced seasonality in
more » ... sonality in reproductive activity ofAristeus antennatuscompared to that ofA. foliaceaas evidenced by the frequency of inseminated females and functionally mature males, as well as by the shorter ovarian maturation period. Nevertheless, regarding the whole life span, both sexes ofAristeus antennatusexhibit a more extended reproductive activity in comparison toA. foliacea. No notable differentiation of both species existed in comparison to other Mediterranean regions.
doi:10.1155/2009/979512 fatcat:ygpn4tttkvfmrcrtdlcawfecwu