The Effect of Low Intensity Exercise on Expression of Inflammatory Response and Apoptosis in Rats with Obesity Induced by a High-Fat Diet

Dong-Hun Choi, Joon-Yong Cho
2018 Exercise Science  
최근 에너지의 균형을 깨트리는 고열량의 식습관과 부족한 신체활 동으로 인한 과체중 및 비만 인구가 급격히 증가하고 있다. 비만은 체 내에 체지방이 과도하게 축적된 상태로 세계보건기구(WHO)에서 건 강위험인자로 분류되어 염증반응을 비롯한 당뇨병, 고혈압, 고지혈증, 대사증후군과 같은 여러 질환과 밀접한 관련이 있다[1-3]. 지방조직은 단순히 에너지를 저장하는 기능으로 알려져 있었지만 많은 연구들에 의해 염증성 사이토카인을 분비하는 내분비기관으로 인식이 바뀌고 있다[4-6]. 또한, 지방조직은 지방세포(adipocytes), 섬유아세포(fibroblasts), 대식세포(macrophage) 등을 포함하는데 특히 대식세포는 감염 된 병원체에 민감하여 다양한 사이토카인을 분비하기 때문에 면역반 PURPOSE: The goal of this study is to demonstrate whether low intensity exercise has an effect on the level
more » ... ffect on the level of inflammatory response and apoptosis in rats with obesity induced by a high-fat diet. METHODS: A high fat diet (60% fat, 20% carbohydrate, and 20% protein) was treated to a subset of experimental rats for 35 weeks to induce obesity before exercise intervention. The rats were randomly assigned into 3 groups: normal control (ND-CON, n=7), High-Fat Diet control (HFD-CON, n=7) and High-Fat Diet+Exercise (HFD-EXE, n=7). The low intensity exercise program was performed for 10 weeks with treadmill (30 min/day, 5 days/week). After treadmill exercise, body weight, total fat mass, HOMA-IR and OGTT were analyzed. Also TLR-4 signaling pathway related proteins, inflammation related factors and apoptosis were analyzed using Western blot method. RESULTS: Low intensity exercise with treadmill reduces body weight and body fat of obese rats that were induced by high fat diet, and improves insulin resistance and blood glucose recovery ability. In addition, low intensity exercise inhibits the activity of NF-κB by reducing TLR4 protein, which regulates inflammation and immunity. This has shown to reduce the inflammatory cytokines IL-1β and TNF-α, Bax and Caspase3 proteins associated with apoptosis, and improve Bcl2 protein. CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, low intensity exercise reduces the level of TLR4 protein that regulates immune and inflammatory responses in adipocytes of obese rats induced by high fat diet. This inhibits the activity of inflammatory cytokines and apoptosis-related proteins, which will be effective in the prevention and treatment of obesity.
doi:10.15857/ksep.2018.27.1.40 fatcat:2d47dt6t25dknophbreimkf25q