A Theoretical Integration of User Satisfaction and Technology Acceptance

Barbara H. Wixom, Peter A. Todd
2005 Information systems research  
CD Based on the abridged paper below, please answer the following questions: 1. Please detailed explain the difference between user satisfaction and technology acceptance by this paper and your opinions. (20%) 2. From you have learned research method, please tell me the main meaning of Table 2. (10%) 3. After reading the paper, please practically point out two future works in application of information system.(20%) 4. Use examples to describe and distinguish between object-based beliefs,
more » ... es and behavioral beliefs, attitudes, then relate them to IS design, implementation, and prediction of usage. (15%) S. Describe the correspondence principle, and comment on the role it plays to bridge the gap between two research streams. (15%) 6. Based on the major findings of this resea rch, suggest implications for practice as well as for research. (20%) Infonnation Systems Researrh InfmIim.. System quality Accessibllity X X Timeliness X X X .Language X X Flexibll1ty X X Integration X X Elflclent X Information quality Accuracy X X X X Precision • X X X X Reliability X X X X Currency X X X Completeness X X X X Format X X Volume X • X Service quality Relationship with EOP staff X X X Communication with EOP staff X X X Technical competence of X X EDP staff Attitude of EDP staff X X X Schedule of products or X X services Time required for new X X X development Processing of change X X X requests Vendor support X Response time X X Means of input with X EDP center Usefulness Usefulness X X X Relevancy X X X X Ease of use User friendly X Easy to use X Outcome expectations Expectations X X Understanding of systems X X X Confidence in the system X X Feelings of participation X X X Feelings of control X X Degree of training X X X Job effects X X Organizational factors Top management involvement X X Organizational competition X with EDP Priorities determination X X Charge-back method X Error recovery X X .Security of data X Documentation X X Organizational pOSition of EDP X X Note.:EOP == electronic data processing. I ,' . S Only two questions were included for information satisfaction and system satisfaction to reduce redundancy.
doi:10.1287/isre.1050.0042 fatcat:uvzdsrwxjzhtzacqtlpyt2efyq