Walafridi Strabonis Liber de Exordiis et Incrementis, Quarundam in Observationibus Ecclesiasticis Rerum. Aloisius Knoepfler

J. W. Moncrief
1900 The American Journal of Theology  
Quarundam in Observationibus Ecclesiasticis Rerum. Textum recensuit, adnotationibus historicis et exegeticis illustravit, introductionem et indicem addidit DR. ALOI-SIus KNOEPFLER, SS. Theologiae in Universitate Monacensi Prof. P. 0. Editio altera. Monachii: Sumptibus Librariae Lentnerianae (E. Stahl Jun.), I899. Pp. xvii + I 14. M. 1.40. (= Ver6ffentlichungen aus dem kirchenhistorischen Seminar Minchen, No. i.) AMONG the men who contributed to the theological literature of the ninth century
more » ... he ninth century was Walafried Strabo-the squint-eyed. Hewas born of humble parents about 808 A. D. He very early gave promise of productiveness in literature, both general and theological, and the actual number of his writings amounted to fourteen, among which are Latin poems of considerable merit, lives of the saints, and the work before us. This pamphlet is the first number of the publications of the churchhistory seminar at Munich. Dr. Knoepfler has revised the text, illustrated it with historical and exegetical notes, and added an introduction and index. The object of the work was to clarify matters pertaining to the ecclesiastical cultus-seeking especially to explain their origin. Among these were church bells, images, pictures as aids to devotion, but not as objects of worship. In chap. xvi he says: "Christ after the paschal supper gave to his disciples the sacraments of his body and blood, in the substance of the bread and wine, and taught them to celebrate in memory of his passion."
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