Determination of pKa Values via ab initio Molecular Dynamics and its Application to Transition Metal-Based Water Oxidation Catalysts

Mauro Schilling, Sandra Luber
2019 Inorganics  
The p K a values are important for the in-depth elucidation of catalytic processes, the computational determination of which has been challenging. The first simulation protocols employing ab initio molecular dynamics simulations to calculate p K a values appeared almost two decades ago. Since then several slightly different methods have been proposed. We compare the performance of various evaluation methods in order to determine the most reliable protocol when it comes to simulate p K a values
more » ... ulate p K a values of transition metal-based complexes, such as the here investigated Ru-based water oxidation catalysts. The latter are of high interest for sustainable solar-light driven water splitting, and understanding of the underlying reaction mechanism is crucial for their further development.
doi:10.3390/inorganics7060073 fatcat:rdmnygdjnfdjvhxpni7kxrkz54