Profile of acute severe malaria with hepatopathy

AnupK Das, Aminul Khan, Gayatri Sarma
2014 International Journal of Medicine and Public Health  
The single most dreaded complication in severe malaria is cerebral malaria, but extracerebral serious complications are becoming frequent in endemic areas, which include hepatic dysfunctions with jaundice. Materials and Methods: This prospective case series study was undertaken to observe the clinical profi le in 81cases of complicated malaria presenting with jaundice out of 344 hospitalized patients diagnosed with acute severe malaria. Liver function tests were assessed and the patients were
more » ... the patients were followed up to 4 weeks. Results: 85% cases with jaundice had Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) infection. Signifi cant fi ndings included a predominantly hemolytic jaundice (mean bilirubin 7.6 mg%, unconjugated 4.83 mg%, conjugated 2.79 mg%), raised ALT > AST (mean 101.2 vs.74.7 iu) and a mean prothrombin time of 3 sec > control. Acute renal failure was common (77%). No residual hepatic dysfunctions were detected in survivors on follow-up. Mortality was 10%, mostly due to delayed diagnosis and associated serious co-morbid conditions. Conclusion: Differentiating fulminant viral hepatitis with multi-organ failure and early treatment of associated complications are crucial to reduce mortality in malaria presenting with jaundice. Hemolytic jaundice with mild and relatively early reversibility of hepatocellular dysfunction usually points towards complicated Pf malaria. Histologically, there is mild hepatic derangement. Acute renal failure is commonly associated. Vivax malaria can also cause hepatic dysfunctions. Mere presence of jaundice does not increase mortality compared to those without jaundice Original Article MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective, single center, 4 year, observational study consisting of series of 344 consecutive cases of malaria, out of which 81 patients (study group, Group A) suffering from acute malaria with jaundice admitted to a Medicine unit of Assam Medical College Hospital, a tertiary center, at Dibrugarh, Assam. Those with acute viral hepatitis were excluded. Those without serum bilirubin >3 mg% (Group B, n: 263) were excluded from detailed analysis. Abstract Access this article online Website:
doi:10.4103/2230-8598.144071 fatcat:w4daaje66zgxdois4zle7suule