Marine and Stationary Governor

1856 Scientific American  
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more » ... ne of the 17th ult states that the attention of metallurgists have been directed to three new methods in the manufacture of iron and steel recently in-page 373. X. P. � W. F. Dodge, Newburgh, N. Y., Breech-Loading Fire-Arms. exhibit their patent pumps. Price $15 and Frederick D. Newbury, of Albany, N. Y., upward. exhibits specimens of his improved breech-E. G. Day � Co., New York, exhibit their loading fire-arms. The method of loading double-action, anti-friction force pumps, which and firing is strikingly simple and effective. are all edged to be ot such construction as to It is one of the best improvements that we wear for several years, without renewal of have seen. We are preparing an engraving packing. which will shortly appear with full description. Denison � Bradley, No. 55 Cliff street, New Printing
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11081856-70c fatcat:2khryx5rfza7fpjroces54jczq