Addressing Mobility in Wireless Sensor Media Access Protocol

Huan Pham, Sanjay Jha
Proceedings of the 2004 Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing Conference, 2004.  
Handling mobility in wireless sensor networks presents several new new challenges. Techniques developed for other mobile networks, such as mobile phone or mobile adhoc networks can not be applicable, as in these networks energy is not a very critical resource. This paper presents a new adaptive Mobility-aware Sensor MAC protocol (MS-MAC) for mobile sensor applications. In MS-MAC protocol, a node detects its neighbor's mobility based on a change in its received signal level from the neighbor, or
more » ... om the neighbor, or a loss of connection with this neighbor after a timeout period. By propagating mobility presence information, and distance from nearest border node, each node learns its relative distance from the nearest mobile node and from nearest border node. Depending on the mobile node movement direction, the distances from mobile and border nodes, a node may trigger its neighbor search mechanism to quicken the connection setup time. The simulation results show that, the new mobility-aware MAC protocol can work very energy-efficiently when the network is stationary, whereas it performs much better in terms of throughput than the existing sensor MAC (SMAC) protocol in scenarios involving mobile sensors.
doi:10.1109/issnip.2004.1417447 fatcat:p2rtzsxlt5aghdgkfm2a7jtwe4