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1889 Science  
SCIENCE. space. H e rejects Kant's view that space is a product of our own mental actim, and also the empirical theory, which reduces space to sensation, and gives a s his own view that "the mind has a native and original capacity for re-acting upon certain physical data in such a way that the objects of its activity appear under the form of space." This theory he expounds a t considerable length, but fails to make clear what this "mental reconstruction of space " really is, or even what he
more » ... or even what he considers space itself to be. It is plain, however, that this theory is a compromise, or medium, between the Kantian view and that of the empiricists, and thus illustrates what we mean in saying that Professor Baldwin's work reflects the unsettled state of philosophy. If space permitted, we might incline to criticise some of his other views, and particularly his theory that perception and representation are fundamentally the same, and also some of his views on association. In the present state of opinion, however, no treatise on psychology can be entirely satisfactory ; and Professor Baldwin's work, in spite of what we consider its errors, has much in it that is good.
doi:10.1126/science.ns-14.347.223 fatcat:zjt4v5xfubcvhedh6qcwqbi53i