Multiphase Open Phase Processes Differential Equations

Nikolay Charykov, Marina Charykova, Konstantin Semenov, Victor Keskinov, Alexey Kurilenko, Zhassulan Shaimardanov, Botagoz Shaimardanova
2019 Processes  
The thermodynamic approach for the description of multiphase open phase processes is developed based on van der Waals equation in the metrics of Gibbs and incomplete Gibbs potentials. Examples of thermodynamic modeling of the multiphase and multicomponent A3B5 systems (In-Ga-As-Sb and In-P-As-Sb) and Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+//Cl−, SO42−-H2O water–salt system are presented. Topological isomorphism of different type phase diagrams is demonstrated.
doi:10.3390/pr7030148 fatcat:x277p54xdvgalitvzmggfucvkm