Reprogramming Modernism

Melinda Bognár
2022 Periodica Polytechnica Architecture  
The advent of digital not only fosters new possibilities in creation but also in conservation. Architectural preservation evoked in the Modern period, when mimicry, a standard method of creation was paused and the intention to preserve past notations of architecture awakened. Now, what is the future of Modernism in the Digital archive?Digital Modern manifests the revival of this objective with actual tools. Digital proposes a new approach to history and the treatment of the past by keeping all
more » ... ecords recallable to the present. Cloud computing proposes timeless history, where previous memory stored in algorithms is available at the level of representation. This essay shows how Modern architectural notations are explicitly inherited by the Computational era and introduce the correlation between typology and digital patterns. The period influenced by the industrial revolution and universal solutions prepared the platform for the current era influenced by the digital revolution.To understand the relationship between the two dominant epochs, this essay relies on the notions of mimicry, rules, models and methods as modes of repetition and creation crosslinked with different stages of technological development in history. This will lead to the understanding how virtual copies create a new chapter in mimesis and provokes a new chronological approach. The research methodology does not follow a linear timeline but builds on simultaneous perspectives of the Digital Modern phenomenon.
doi:10.3311/ppar.20748 fatcat:qiwjciizrrgrjoztvkyuqvu5cm