In Situ TEM Monitoring of Thermal Decomposition in CdTe and ZnTe Nanowires

K Davami, S Mir Shah Ghassemi, R Shabazian-Yassar, J Lee, M Meyyappan
2011 Microscopy and Microanalysis  
Joule heating of CdTe nanowires and ZnTe nanowires was studied using in situ TEM probing. Thermal decomposition of the nanowires was investigated using TEM imaging, conductivity measurements, and electron diffraction. The results showed that nanowires decompose via joule heating in four sequential steps: an increase in temperature, element ball formation, growth of the balls, and ball evaporation. This mechanism is known as "Ostwald ripening". Besides the changes in morphological properties and
more » ... the chemical compositions of the nanowire, the physical properties of the nanowire can be affected by Joule heating. The electrical conductivity of the nanowire increased drastically after the decomposition. Via Joule heating of the CdTe nanowires, the smallest nanowires (super fine nanowires) to our knowledge can be made with a diameter of less than 3.5 nm and a controllable length, which can open new doors to a new type of nanowire for thermoelectric applications, novel memory elements, and etc.... . 1874
doi:10.1017/s1431927611010245 fatcat:ckte6e5gejgfvcfjm7io7nonma