The role of biogas to sustainable development (aspects environmental, security and economic)

Reza Alayi, Ali Shamel, Alibakhsh Kasaeian, Hossein Harasii, Majid Topchlar
2016 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Achieving "Sustainable Development" is a formidable challenge in the present world. It concerns technologies that can help manage growth while considering economic, social, and environmental sustenance of the society. There is an urgent need to solve the present problems faced by the society without creating any long term negative impact, which could become a critical issue to resolve for the future generations. Energy need is an important ingredient in the modern economy, and must be evaluated
more » ... in the context of the other aspects of development. In fact, modern energy services must be evolved and deployed in all aspects of the development process-e.g., energy and communications, energy and industry, energy and the environment, energy and agriculture, energy and education, and energy and public health and safety. Biomass can be used to provide sustainable supply of the required energy through biogas, vegetable oil, biodiesel, producer gas, and by directly burning the biomass.