On the analysis and design of a fully compliant large stroke slider-crank (rocker) mechanism

Çağıl Merve Tanık, Engin Tanık, Yiğit Yazıcıoğlu, Volkan Parlaktaş
2020 Mechanical Sciences  
Abstract. In the literature, authors have made contributions in the area of partially compliant slider-crank (rocker) mechanisms possessing rigid joints that may cause backlash inherently. On contrary, fully compliant mechanisms offer no backlash which is a valuable property for the cases where high precision is required. In this paper, we proposed a fully compliant slider-crank mechanism that performs large stroke. Kinematic performance of the mechanism is investigated analytically. Dimensions
more » ... tically. Dimensions of the mechanism are optimized to obtain maximum translational output, while keeping deflections of flexible hinges equal to each other and as small as possible. A design table displaying stroke, axis drift of the output segment, and critical stresses of compliant segments are presented. As an example, a compliant mechanism is designed by using rigid body replacement technique. Then, via nonlinear finite element analysis technique, analytical results are verified. Finally, a prototype is built to compare output stroke and axis drift with analytical approaches. The results of experiments verified that the theoretical approaches are consistent.
doi:10.5194/ms-11-29-2020 fatcat:m3g4h4wqi5b2zbv5m57acfiiei