Optimization of the Process Variables for Minimizing of the Aflatoxin M1 Content in Iranian White Brine Cheese

H Mohammadi, M Alizadeh, M Bari, A Khosrowshahi, H Tadjik
2009 J. Agric. Sci. Technol   unpublished
A model capable of predicting the minimum content of Aflatoxin M 1 (AFM 1) in Iranian while brine cheese has been developed using a chemometric approach to determine the optimum processing conditions. Renneting temperature, cut size, stirring time, press time, curd size and saturated brine pH were all regarded as process variables. Three-dimensional response surface and contour plots were drawn. The minimum content of AFM 1 (116.9 ng kg-1 dry matter) was predicted when the processing variables
more » ... ere: Ren-neting temperature= 40°C, Cut size= 0.5 cm, Stirring time= 10 minutes, Press time= 20 minutes, Curd size= 64 cm 3 , Saturated brine pH= 4.6. These values predicted for optimum process conditions were in good agreement with experimental data.