A Whole Body Postural Loading Simulation and Assessment Model for Workplace Analysis and Design

Francisco Rebelo, Correia da Silva, Waldemar Karwowski
2012 International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics  
This study reports on the development and validation of a new computer model for simulating human postures at work, and assessing the reaction forces and bending moments in 43 human articulation joints. The proposed model estimates the intradiscal pressure in the vertebral column in response to external loading forces encountered during human interactions with work objects or processes. The model was implemented in a selfcontained interactive software package. The simulation results compare
more » ... results compare favorably with the reported experimental data, and provide reasonable confidence in the quality of the model. Its characteristics and its applications in evaluating physical task performance are also discussed. simulation models spinal loading ergonomics manual materials handling work design safety
doi:10.1080/10803548.2012.11076948 pmid:23294655 fatcat:7vz3cqfwifha5azh5exqxwnjmu